Find What Feels Good

Every fan of Adriene Mishler and subscriber of her youtube channel must know this phrase very well. “Find What Feels Good” is a sentence that always appeared on the last scene of her yoga video. Here, I won’t discuss about her yoga tutorial, nor anything that is related to “Yoga with Adriene” videos. But those words, I recently realized, has a very deep meaning and powerful message.

For the last weeks, I was reading a book from Marie Kondo, a Japanese woman who is expert in tidying and known as a cleaning consultant. Seriously, she writes a book entitled “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up”, and she even has a TV show about the japanese art of decluttering and organizing. She teaches people how to tidying up everything with her very own method named “KonMari”.

In KonMari method, Marie Kondo teach us how to declutter and organize things by these steps:

  1. Define what our ideal life will looks like. It will help us to tidy in an effective way.
  2. Start the cleaning process by categories, not by place/room. Marie Kondo suggests to use the categories she makes based on her experience that she believes is the most effective way. She divide things into five main categories from the least to most emotional things, which are: Clothing (including clothes, shoes and bags), books, papers,  komono (accessories and any other little things), and the last one is everything that has a strong memorabilia (photos, gifts, letters, things from our childhood, and any other sentimental items).
  3.  In choosing the things we want to keep from each category, all we have to do is putting our hands on everything we own, ask ourselves if it sparks joy, and if it doesn’t, thank it for its service and get rid of it.
  4. The most joy-giving belongings remain from above step must be put in an easy-to-access place. Put every item in a place where it’s visible, accessible, and easy to grab and then put back.

The most common mistakes people do when tidying is we get rid of things we don’t want/like and keep the rest. Marie Kondo teach the opposite, to choose only something we love, something that sparks joy even when we start to touch it. The key is to choose what to store, not what to throw away. By doing this very important step, we can learn to live only with the things we really love and makes us happy.

I’ve read this book twice, and still willing to read again and again. After my first reading, I constantly cleaning my (3mx3m only) room, and spend a day to finally tidying up all of the things in it. This cleaning resulted a big bag full of unused and unwanted clothing I kept for years in my room, and save only 1/3 of them that is really makes me happy. I also thrown away bunches of books & papers, small things I don’t even understand why I keep them for so long (broken things, buttons, paid bills, name card of someone I don’t remember, and many mores), and do charity by giving some of those things to my social community.

After finish cleaning and tidying, I feel so release and happy. I used to lost things in my room, and can’t hardly find almost everything whenever I need them much (my saving book, my cards, my sunglasses, my passport….everything!). Now I know where I put my almost-every-single-thing in my room, and trying to put them back in their places after using it (I’m still learning to be consistent in doing this, but I know it will works).

Marie Kondo teaches me a lot of things, not only about the cleaning and tidying process, but deeper than that. She teaches me how to live happy by choosing only what makes me feel good. After reading her book, I can decide what to do and what is not, easier. I come from a Javanese family and grown up in a culture that put politeness above everything, that I can’t even say “No” to something I don’t really like due to our norms. Marie Kondo teaches me how important it is to say “yes” only to what I really like/want in life. And it changes me a lot.

I love travelling a lot. One of my biggest dream is to travel around Indonesia, visiting those beautiful places while doing some social acts. April is supposed to be the perfect month to catch that dream. Long holidays, enough saving, good weather…..perfect time to travel around Indonesia, or even the whole planet. Surprisingly, I can stand to stay in Jakarta, working on my pending items the whole days instead of having fun, and even not going back to my hometown. All I’m doing for only one reason that I cant tell here….something that I know is my biggest dream since my young age, and now become my top priority. What makes me happy is I finally can focus on chasing my most important dreams, and not easily being distracted by the other less important.

The second thing I surprise myself is that I even not willing to go to Big Bad Wolf, the biggest book bazaar in Jakarta this month. As a book lover who read many genres, BBW is a heaven on earth that will provide me tons of good books with a very good price. After cleaning and tidying my room, I realize that I have lots of unread (and even unpacked/unwrapped) books, and some of them I bought from BBW event last year in Jakarta and Surabaya. I decide to stop myself from being an impulsive buyer. Buying only what I need and what I really love, not what looks good just because it’s in a love-able price.

I’m still being impulsive sometimes, but KonMari method has teach me a lot. To choose only what makes me happy, to decide everything based on what my head and heart both say. To finally knowing what to do first and next based on my very own priority list. To be surrounded by everything (and everyone) that sparks joy in my life, that it is okay to say “No” to something (or someone) that I don’t even like. I finally know, clearly, what I want in life.

I recommend you to read Marie Kondo’s book. And I wish, each of us will finally find what makes us feel good, everyday.





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