Create Your Own Happiness

“Why do you always look so happy? Why do you always look like there’s no troubles in life?” A friend ever ask me that question.

“Really? Do I really look that happy?” I ask her back…and laugh.

It’s impossible to live a life without any trouble. Since we open our eyes in the morning till we go to bed at night, we face so many troubles, challenges, bad feelings, negativities….whatever it is that can easily break us down, and turn our smile into the frown mode, turning our joys into sorrows, turning love into hatred. The good news is, we can control our own feelings & emotions using our brain. We can control our reaction toward anything we see every single day.

To love, to care for others, to say only the positive words, to share only the good news, to do only the good act, to act more kindness and help more people, to smile and even laugh more, to sing, to be grateful for every single thing we have. Those are the simple things that we can choose everyday to add more happiness in our life. On Being Grateful, the first chapter on Tal Ben Shahar’s Book entitled “Even Happier”, shows that gratitude is one of the main source of someone’s happiness.

“It turns out that putting aside a minute or two every day to express gratitude for one’s life has far-reaching consequences. Compared with the control group, the grateful group not only became more appreciative of life in general but also enjoyed higher levels of well-being and positive emotions: they felt happier, more determined, more energetic, and more optimistic. They were also more generous and more likely to offer support to others.”

Thus, happiness is a state of mind rather than just a condition. Happiness is something that we can learn, something that is totally depend on what we perceive, rather that what we possess. So that every lost, grief, troubles and any other bad experiences wouldn’t significantly reduce our level of happiness.

Happiness is a very personal thing. A choice that we make every single day. It’s part of everyone’s character & personality. Everyone must have their very own source of happiness, their very own recipe. To have a happy mindset is to change our perception into the positive one. Positive thinking is the key to be happy. We have to train ourselves to always see the positive side upon anything. I’m not an always-positive-and-grateful person, but I’m trying to be the one…. Every….. Single….. Day!! Sometimes I fail, and that’s okay. In order to train myself to be a grateful person day by day, I even write a daily gratitude card and put them in a gratitude jar. It helps me a lot to find the good things in everything I see & experience during the day. The meeting that went well on that day, my very yummy lunch, my friends that bring joys & laughter, the good weather, my playlist, my outfit….everything! The good news is, I always happy to write such things, and even feel happier to read them again on the other day(s). A simple thing to do, yet change my way to see everything, and I believe can change my whole life.

Being happy doesn’t mean we do not have any troubles in life anymore. Being happy means, knowing that troubles can come at anytime, and we fine with that. Being happy means, we have the courage to face any troubles whenever it comes with an ear-to-ear smile while saying, “Thanks God for every single thing you give me.”

Each of you must have your own happiness recipe. But if I may ask you, please start to count your blessing everyday, and create more happiness in your life.




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