A Peace Project

I took a deep breath, hoping that the air full of oxygen refreshing my mind. My body was shivering a moment past, holding up my tears not to come down its common path. I hate tears. Not because it tastes salty when it touches my lips or the fact that everytime it runs out my eyes, my face gets uglier. I hate tears, because it’s my specific code for a terrible sadness, or for losing someone I love the most. For the last several days, or even months, holding up tears is the thing that I became used to.

Only ten days after moving from 2014 to 2015, I’ve heard so many heartbreaking news on the media. I closed 2014 with some tragedies, personal or non-personal…. Banjarnegara erosion, a hostage in Sydney, Plane accident, Peshawar attack. Should I start my 2015 with another tragedy? I hope not.

I started this (new) year with tons of optimism, I fully charged my energy to face this promising year with enthusiasm & unlimited happiness. I began to write my resolutions, that I passed in 2014, and I promised myself to do more social projects this year. I felt so excited about this year. I felt soooo energized, like I could do anything with no boundaries. I bet I would find lots of happiness for my life this year. And so with this world, my country, my family, my surrounding….

But then I heard another heartbreaking news, again, on the media. Some badass attack Charlie Hebdo office, a satire magazine in Paris that posted a caricature of Ahmed (or Muhammad) on its page, and it was judged as a humiliating action toward Islam. The attack killed 12 victims, including the chief editor. I am Muslim, and I curse what Charlie Hebdo has done with the caricature. Still, hurting or even killing people for that reason is not a thing a good person would do. That, is the thing a cruel person do. And doing something bad even in the name of God, or religion, won’t make it something better…or proper.

While people around the world are focusing on what happened in Paris, another horrible tragedy happen. Today, Boko Haram dropped bombs in Nigeria, and killed about 2000 people.

“These towns are just gone, burned down,” Borno State Senator Ahmed Zanna told NBC News. “The whole area is covered in bodies.”

The rampage has led to the deaths of an estimated 2,000 Nigerian civilians along with sending approximately 10,000 people fleeing for their lives into neighboring Chad,according to the Associated Press.

(recited from businessinsider.co.id. Read the article here )

This is not about what religion the doer use as a reason behind the tragedy. This is all about humanity. If I curse the bomb attack in Gaza, or the killing attact lately in Peshawar done by the Taliban, I will – of course – do the same to Boko Haram and Charlie Hebdo tragedies. None of any religion ask its believer to hurt or even kill others. Not Islam, Chatolic, Christiani, Hindu, Buddha, Jews….or elses.

Me, as a moslem, always believe that God (no matter how we call Him, or under which religion we come from) command us to be a good person that will do good things to other. As He clearly stated in the holy Qur’an:

“……For each [Prophetic Community] We have appointed a Law and a Way. Had God Willed, He could have made you one community. But in order to test you with what He has given you [he has made you as you are]. So compete with one another in good works. And Unto God you will all return. He will reveal to you [the truth] of that about which you differed” (Holy Qur’an, 5:48)*

(I’ve checked several translation of this verse, and find the above translation is the clearest. If you find a better and more correct translation, please let me know. Many thanks)

I underlined one of His message in this verse, that we are made diverse to compete one another in good works. Unfortunately, some people fail to understand this message, and use their God’s name to harm others instead. God teaches us how to make peace, but some of us use the lesson the wrong way and make war. They’re betraying their own God, by saying that they harm or even kill people in the name of God. God makes us differently to compete one another in good works, not to bully, humiliate, harm or even kill anyone who are different from us.

I’m not a religious smart, I can’t even understand all verses written in the Qur’an, and I felt bored – sometimes – with my Islamic subject (and teacher), when I was at school. I’m just an ordinary woman who feels so exhausted to watch people killing others under their religion, debating on the media about which (part of) religion is right, or wrong…and so on. I dream of the world peace, all the time…and what I get is bombing there, hostage somewhere, attack here, killing there. All done by the name of religion. Sick!

But there’s always a good news in any situation, right? During the hostage in Sydney, the #Illridewithyou hashtag went viral, showing the world that peace can fight back any terrorist issue. I feel deeply moved, knowing that Australia is fine and Muslims still live in peace there, after the tragedy. Thus, a dream of the world peace is not unachievable. And so about the tragedy in Paris, the #jesuisAhmed or #RespectMuslim as well as other supportive hashtags shows us that this world still filled with many kind-hearted people, pursuing the world peace.

A hashtag is only one idea to bring the peace on earth. We can make our own, and take action to make the world-peace-dream come true. As what my friend did, started yesterday, below:


A simple, yet so inspiring, idea…to make a connection of kindness. Kindness, as well as badness, are contagious. You can choose yourself, whether to ‘contaminate’ others with your good, or bad, attitude. We can start to make our world happier, by simply doing good things to others. Yup, creating a happy (and peacefully) life can be as simple as that. Trust me, it works. 😀

I took a deep breath, again, but not to fight my tears. I’m breathing, deeply, to prepare myself for taking a lot of good actions this year. I want to contaminate others with my good attitudes (I think I have some :p). I won’t let the bad things contaminate me, and lowering my happiness level. I wanna do a lot of social projects, writing a lot of inspiring articles on my blog, and help as much people as I can…. everyday. Let’s make our good attitude contagious. Let’s make this #PeaceProject going viral. Let’s do the change.

You can start to make your own #PeaceProject …. From Now! 🙂


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