Welcoming A New Life in 2013

Yesterday I got an annual report of my blog post from WordPress.com…and in a moment I realized a very important thing we need in life: Recognition! WordPress has told me that I’ve posted 72 articles during 2012, got around 5,200 visitors, had some loyal followers, and so on that made me thanked of and promised myself to post more in 2013.

And so with my (or your) daily life so far… Recognition is a kind of mood booster and source of motivation to do something better. When my friend thanks me from a lil’ attention, I’ll try to give him/her a bigger attention the next chance…when my boss appreciate my achievement, I’ll try to work better the next time. If it is so…why don’t we just give ourself a recognition of every single achievement we made so far?

And here I am… On my first post in 2013, would like to thank myself to every single achievement I’ve made in 2012: for being an employee in an own-state oil company, becoming a 1st winner of such a blogging contest, starting a social activity with Komunitas Jendela in Manggarai, having more and more good friends that become my besties, and so on… I’m proud of myself in some ways that makes me more confidence in facing 2013 ahead. Though I know that I still have some weakness I need to improve,some mistakes I need to repair, some flaws I need to clean up, some bads I need to make it good. Recognizing my own achievement give me more power to achieve something better, and bigger…. While recognizing my weakness will force me to improve my knowledge and ability.

Don’t be hesitate to recognize your achievement in 2012, before settling up any resolution for 2013. Let’s make our 2013 a year filled with a lot of happiness, laughters, joys and & achievements.

Happy new year 2013…..

Happy happy happy…and happily ever after 😀


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