Me and the Kids

I always love being arround kids…

I love to see them smiling, laughing, crying…then laughing again, suddenly crying, laughing again,,,even laughing while crying.

I’m inspired by their unlimited energies, their unstopable running, their surprisingly questions, their sincere face…

I even love their tiny fingers, their smooth and soft skins, their little voices….

and I always love to teach them everything or telling them any stories…. because knowing that they’re staring at me interestingly when I told them something is a bless for me.

Listening to every single voice they make…when they’re talking, singing, crying, even snoring…is a magic thing for me.

Kids, for me… are saints that sent by God, unlimited energy sources, and God’s way to show the beauty of life.

Kids, for me… are always beautiful, and loveable!! and I’m so in loveeee with them :* :* :*

Me… Kids…Happy ^_^

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